General Terms

Upon establishing your credit with us, we will ship to you under our regular open account terms of, net 30 days from date of invoice. If you wish to apply for an open account with us, please fill out the downloadable credit application and fax and/or mail the original to our Dallas address: 2367 Glenda Lane Dallas, TX 75229. Include your resale certificate, if applicable.

Chemical Sales

The controlled Substance Act (21 u.s.c. seq.) imposes requirements on companies that manufacture, sell, import or export certain listed chemicals that could be diverted to make illicit drugs. The act requires each seller of listed chemicals, including toluene, and 2- butanone or methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), to maintain certain records report suspicious or unusual orders, provide advanced notification of exports, and to establish the identity of the purchasers of each of these chemicals. Therefore, SSI has adapted the following policy.

All sales of listed chemicals will be in quantities of less than 50 gallons per purchase. No sale of listed chemicals shall be made for cash, check, or credit card in quantities of more than 5 gallons per week. Proper identification may be required prior to any sale.

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges are the customer’s responsibility unless prior arrangements have been made with Silicone Specialties, Inc.

Price Revisions

Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Any price changes will be subordinate to the terms of our written quotation and/or the prices in effect at the time an order is shipped.

Sales Tax

SSI employees are required to add tax on all invoices, unless SSI has a tax exemption certificate from your company or organization. If you submit a valid tax certificate to SSI after you have been invoiced and it is in compliance with your state tax laws, SSI will credit you for the tax.

Cash by Check

A fee of $30.00 will be charged for all checks returned NSF by your bank. All purchases made with a check are required to have the date the material was purchased. SSI is not able to accept temporary checks or checks without physical address and phone number.


SSI will not accept returns for any products sold where the original invoice was less than $750.

All returns where the original invoice greater than $750 will be charged a minimum of 25% restock.

SSI will not accept returns for any product purchased more than 30 days prior to the date of invoice. We will not accept any returns where the packaging is not in resaleable condition, as deemed by an SSI employee. We will not accept any returns where material has less than 3 months shelf life.

All non-stock items will be subject to a minimum 25% restock fee plus shipping cost for return to our vendor. SSI will not issue credit where the material is being returned to our vendor until SSI receives a credit from the vendor. Any material damaged during the return process will receive zero credit.

You must have the original invoice or pick ticket from the original sale to return any material.

All cash and cash by checks refunds are processed out of our Tulsa location. Please allow 30 days to receive payment. Credit card refunds will be refunded back to the original card only. In the event the original card was lost, expired, or stolen a check will be issued out of the Tulsa location.

Product Specifications

The specifications in this website or the Silicone Specialties catalog reflect those of the product manufacturers. Silicone Specialties cannot be held responsible for typographical errors or inaccurate information supplied by the manufacturer.

Privacy Policy

We do not share or sell your information. For more details, see our privacy policy page.

Weapons Policy

It is the policy of Silicone Specialties, Inc. that no weapons of any kind be permitted upon company premises at any time, or in the possession or control of any employee or customer at any time. For Texas locations, weapons laws 30.06 and 30.07 apply to all branches. 

The term “weapon” shall include, but not necessarily be limited to the following:

Any real, imitation or blank pistol, handgun, shotgun, rifle, air gun, carbon dioxide or other gas-filled weapon, electronic dart gun, knife with a blade length of more than 3 inches, dagger, dirk, switchblade knife, any spring operated knife, blackjack, ax, loaded cane, billy, hand chain or metal knuckles, or any other weapon capable of raising in the mind of one threatened with such device, a fear that it is real.

This provision shall not apply with respect to shotguns employed in company sponsored functions away from company premises.