30th Anniversary of the
ICRI National Convention

SSI is a national supporting member of ICRI - International Concrete Repair Institute. The Great Plains Chapter hosted the 30th Anniversary of the ICRI National Convention in Omaha, Nebraska in November 2018. Mike Rafferty and Eric Larson displayed the SSI Silspec branded products. There were over 300 attendees along with 45 displaying manufactures.

The Silspec products are specified, marketed, and sold to the DOT's Bridge, Highway, Airport and Parking Garage concrete preservation and restoration markets. SSI was very well received by a number of engineers and contractors that were not familiar with SSI's capabilities. Mike Rafferty will serve as President of the Great Plains Chapter in 2019.

The Silspec materials displayed at this ICRI convention were:

SILSPEC PDX 950 - Parking Garage elastomeric polymer joint header.
SILSPEC RFS - Parking Garage pedestrian and vehicular Reinforce Foam Joint Seal.
SILSPEC FLEXPATCH - Parking Deck polymeric spall concrete repair.
SILSPEC REDECK - Parking Ramp and elevated deck polymer overlay with high friction flint aggregate.
SILSPEC DECKSEAL - Parking Deck Crack Sealer Healer with sacrificial wearing topping surface.

ICRI National Convention

ICRI National Convention

ICRI National Convention
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