North East Bridge
Preservation Program

The Northeast Bridge Preservation Partnership (NEBPP) is comprised of representatives from DOT regional state and local highway agencies, provincial transport agencies, industry suppliers, consultants, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), and academia.

Scott Fowler and Eric Larson from the SSI Highway Sales team attended the NEBPP conference in Burlington, VT the week of September 9th, 2019

This type of conference is not like your typical tradeshow. There are break out session for all the DOT engineers to attend and visit the booth, however all vendors participating in the tradeshow are able to attend all the presentations and round table discussion with the DOT and maintenance engineers that are driving and dictating what materials get used to repair their bridges. Meeting with the key DOT individuals attending is key.

Being in a setting where all participants devote their careers to bridge preservation allows SSI to be in the forefront of the DOT Bridge Preservation industry selling and promoting the SSI Silspec brand.

The following Silspec products were displayed:

Bridge Joint elastomeric Epoxy based joint header nosing. SILSPEC XJS 900 PNS Polymer Nosing System.
Bridge Joint polymer elastomeric Polyurethane based joint header nosing. SILSPEC 2000.
Bridge Deck and Highway Polymeric Spall concrete repair. SILSPEC FLEXPATCH.
Bridge Deck Polymer overlay with high friction flint aggregate. SILSPEC REDECK.
Bridge Deck Crack Sealer Healer with sacrificial wearing topping surface. SILSPEC DECKSEAL.
Bridge Joint Seal pre-compressed foam with silicone topping. SILSPEC SES.
Bridge Joint Seal inverted V Silicone Strip Seal. SILSPEC SSS
Bridge Joint Seal 2 component fast cure silicone. Dow 902.

North East Bridge Preservation Program North East Bridge Preservation Program