When SSI or Silicone Specialties Inc., began in 1969 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it started with four owners, two of which were working employees. The company's only product line, Dow Corning silicone sealants and lubricants, was sold in the OEM market and had very little to do with commercial construction needs.

The current majority share holder and President is Duane Barnett. Duane was partners with the past president Joe Cathey. Joe Retired in April 2004 after 33 years as acting President. Joe and Duane had each directed a division of sales within SSI. When Joe retired a portion of his stock was purchased through an ESOP venture which has given employees of the company the opportunity to own a piece of the company.

Every company who has been in existence has gone through changes. Change is important to meet market demands. SSI is no different. The late 1970s the company saw the need and opportunity to reach out to the commercial waterproofing and glazing industry. The company continues to grow and expand its product line to fill the need of the end user.

The 50 plus years of business have resulted in many changes in our company. SSI today has grown from a two person company to 90 plus employees. If you look at our employee count and compare it to the sales volume it is an amazing number. It is a number we take great pride in. SSI employees are true believers in selling quality products and earning the respect of our valued customer. We may be small in number of employees, but serve a big niche in the commercial construction and highway needs. SSI is very fortunate to have many long term employees. The company takes a lot of pride in the longevity of the employees it has.

Customers are the lifeblood of every business and in looking at our customer list we find numerous companies who have relied on SSI products and support for the past 50 plus years. Some of these customers go way back with SSI to the beginning. We recognize the loyalty must be earned everyday. SSI is dedicated to earning the trust and loyalty from our customer. We look forward to moving ahead in a continued challenging market. Our customer base should be able to receive a good product, fair price, and customer support. SSI will continue to try and deliver all of the above.

Thanks to all that visit us at SSI.

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