Highway Products

SSI Highway Products Division offers a broad range of products geared towards today's transportation industry. From sealing joints in pavements to repairing holes in roadways and bridges to constructing or rehabilitating expansion joints on structures. SSI offers time-proven products and the expertise to accomplish your project. SSI offers it's own brand of materials used in new and remedial construction as well as proven products by other major suppliers to the industry.

The SSI “SILSPEC®” Brand of products dates back to 1992 with the introduction of SILSPEC 900PNS Elastomeric Mortar for bridge expansion joints. Since that time we have added Elastomeric Patching Products, Bridge Deck Overlays, Healer-sealers and Expansion Joint Seal Systems. All are listed below.

Below, you will also find links to the major brands and manufacturers we represent.

SDS Sheets — If you are searching for a SDS Sheet for one of our products, look under the Highway Products link above. Or if you need a SDS Sheet from another manufacturer, check their website first. If you are unable to locate what you need, contact your local branch of SSI.

Brands Highway / Airport Sealants

Dow Corning


Sika, Mameco, Pecora, Sonneborn


W. R. Meadows

Hot Pour

Brands Tools & Equipment

Albion, Cox, Newborn

Caulking Guns

SSI, Albion

Backer Rod / Backer Rod Rollers

1-Part, 2-Part

Bulk Installation Pumps Rentals and Sales

Marshalltown, Union

Hand Tools


Mixing Equipment

Brands Pavement Rehabilitation

Flexpatch, Sika, Unitex, Euclid


Flexpatch, Thoro, Sonneborn, Sika

Pavement/Deck patching

XJS®/900, Silspec® 2000, Silspec® SES Silspec® SSS

Bridge Joint Retrofit, Seal Systems


Water Repellants

Flexpatch, DeckSeal, Re-Deck, XJS®/900, Silspec® 2000

Deck Restoration

US Spec

US Spec

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